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How the Internationalstudents may get admission in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) & other top Indian Institutes

Admission procedure for foreign students in IITs:

Foreign students are admitted in the IITs through two channels:
- Foreign Nationals nominated by the Government of India under scholarship
- Self-financing foreign nationals


PG Program: Candidates have to apply under self financing scheme for admission to post-graduate program (M. Tech) to the Deputy Registrar (Academic), IIT (concerned). Candidates will be informed of the institute's decision after the scrutiny of their applications. Under the ICCR Scholarship  program, candidates need to apply to Indian High Commission/Embassy in their country.

UG Program: Foreign candidates seeking admission to B. Tech or Dual degree program have to qualify in JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced) examinations and they will be selected considering the criteria set for admission to IITs.

Tuition Fees for foreign nationals from SAARC countries - US $ 2000 per semester + US $ 261 (one time fee, deposits and application cost)

Tuition Fees for other foreign nationals - US $ 4000 per semester + US $ 261 (one time fee, deposits and application cost)

Accommodation & Mess Fees -  Rs 20000/- per semester (US $ 300)

Besides IITs, there are other public & private engineering institutes in India known for good quality education. Ranking of top engineering colleges in India is available on following webpages.

Admission options for international students in top Indian universities

Delhi University:
All the colleges under the Delhi University (DU) have 5% seats in all the courses reserved for international students. Students from over 50 countries join various courses in Delhi University every year. International students from South Asian countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, Bengla desh and Korea, constitute 30% strength of total foreign students. among others. Buddhist studies are popular among students from Vietnam and Korea whereas Hindi language courses among those from Japan and China. Students belonging to NRIs categories from UK (5-10 %) pursue certificate or diploma program in Hindi. Admission for international students is merit based. International students can email their queries to fsr_du@yahoo .com or Official link for international students to know more about admission is Foreign Student Registry Office.

Tuition fees - INR 6000-12000 per year
Tuition fees + Boarding & lodging fees - INR 7000 per month
Tuition fees + Boarding & lodging fees with private accommodation- INR 10000 per month
One time Foreign Student registration fee - INR 18000/- for UG courses
One time Foreign Student registration fee - INR 24000/- for PG courses
One time Foreign Student registration fee - INR 30000/- for Doctoral courses

Jamia Millia Islamia

It admits international students to its various courses and information about courses and other related information may be explored visiting Jamia Millia Islamia website.
A brief information about fee and various categories of international students is given here.
ICCR applicants:  5% seats over and above the regular seats are allocated to candidates nominated by Govt. of India under ICCR scholarships.
General applicants: 10% of regular seats are available.
Supplementary: 15% seats over and above regular seats are allocated for this category and 5% of these are for NRIs & their family members.

Fee structure

General (Foreign) category:

US $ 1200  per annum - Ph.D. Course
US $ 1500 per annum - Science & Professional courses
US $ 500 per annum -  All other courses

Supplementary category:

US $ 1000 per annum -  Non-professional certificate/ diploma courses
US $ 2000 -3500 per annum - Non professional & professional courses

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