Sunday, 13 October 2013

Top Indian Colleges Offering Science Education

Rankings for Science Colleges as per The WEEK-HANSA Survey 2012 and India Today 2012 in India is available. Ranking of top 25 colleges by both the agencies is given below. A "-" indicates that ranking for that particular college was not done by the agency under which it is shown. Ranking of Top 26-50 Science Colleges has not been done by The Week- Hansa 2012 survey but a listing of such colleges is provided.

St. Stephen's College

Cambridge Mission in conjunction with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel founded the St Stephen's College on 1 February 1881  and Samuel Scott Allnutt, one of its member, became the first Principal of the College. Three of its ex-students who became the heads of state were Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (India),  Gen. Zia Ul-Haq (Pakistan) and Selim-e-Selim (Tanzania). Students of the college also had the distinction of participation in the Olympics and includes the names of M.N. Masud (hockey), H.E. the late Maharaja of Bikaner, Dr. Karni Singh (shooting),  Randhir Singh (shooting),  and Ranjit Bhatia (athletics). List of achievements of its old students is very long and details may be seen clicking the link "Glimpses of St. Stephen's College". 

Top 25 Science Colleges in India

Top 25 - 50 Science Colleges in India


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